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A Gift of His Mercy

This is an inspiring bereavement help story. It is about a single parent who loses his only child in an automobile accident around Christmas time. This book helps you visualize Heaven through the eyes of a 5-year old. 


"I loved your new book, read it in a few hours. It’s so comforting to know that when we die we get to live again in heaven.  My bible study is reading Imagine Heaven based on thousands of people who have had near death experiences and returned with similar statements of what heaven is like. Death has no sting when you know what awaits on the other side. Several stories were about mothers being greeted in heaven by children who did not survive the womb.  Pretty amazing!"- Jeanie Bordon 


As the Christmas Season approaches, Stephanie visits her father’s house. Tears fill her eyes as the house is still dark after five years. Joanna, her five-year-old daughter takes it upon herself to restore her grandfather’s faith in God. What Steven has in store for him is like no other visit a grandchild could give.

A Gift of His Mercy

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