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Project XP38

With the ever-changing World of Travel, Alby Airline spearheads the formation of the first International Anti-Terrorist Coalition. Linda Ramsey, Head of Alby Security along with Dr. David Sydney, Head Technological Advisor form a team of Security Flight Attendants led by Kathe Tierney.


Things get complicated when Kathe comes across the first man she can’t resist in the four years since her divorce. Always sure of herself, Kathe suddenly doesn’t know what steps to take, but whatever she does, she has no room for mistakes.

“Mom?” Pete questioned as he held his cheek. “You’ve got a gun,” he sighed.

“Giorgio let my daughter go!” Tierney ordered as Alonzo came around the corner.

“I think you need to do as the lady asked,” Alonzo calmly declared as Giorgio gasped. “What’s the matter? You didn’t think I was smart enough to figure out what you and Mario were doing? You know,” he said pointing his finger at him. “I warned you and Mario that if anything happened to Nicki, that you’d answer to me. I have to hand it to you; you must have been planning this before Ms. LaBasco died. An accidental death that never sat right with me! Mr. LaBasco and I want to know who did it, you or his favorite son?”

“You’re as dumb as the old man,” Giorgio declared as he tried to drag Heather toward the door. “We pulled this off right under your noses!”

“Stop!” Tierney ordered. “One more step and I will shoot!”

“Not with me holding your daughter!” Giorgio smirked, shoving Heather to one side and reaching in his coat.

“Wrong!” Kathe shouted shooting Giorgio in the hand. 

Project XP38

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