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Project Wraith

After two blissful years, Alby Airlines begins to once again experience the gruesome killing of flight attendances. How can this be, the culprit is dead! Is it a copycat or some kind of Wraith?   


To protect the airline, Linda Ramsey, Head of Security must resurrect her own Wraith, only to discover that they have been found. Who found Kathe Tierney and Yorg Vuslick? Why are they after their family?

Are the two connected and why, now after two years? 

Once again, Kathe and Yorg find themselves along with their team at Alby Airlines in the middle of the Mafia trying to resuscitate Chameleon technology, while Joe Sherrod is once again proving to be Kathe’s kryptonite. 

Can Ramsey and her team, once again succeed in making the Airline and the world a safer place to live?

“I have to admit, I am honored to be in the presence of the famous Kathe Tierney,” Philippi said as he walked around her.  “You have no idea how hard it was to find you,” he admitted as he walked over to Joe Sherrod.

  “Mr. Sherrod, I’m glad to see that you took my advice and brought Kathe Tierney to us,” Philippi boasted.  “I told you that my client would take you to your son.  You’re a little banged up and you’re probably not going to make it out of this house alive.  However, you’ll die as a family,” Philippi laughed as he pointed to more men approaching the house from the beach. 

 “Captain Yorg Vuslick,” Philippi bragged as he folded his arms in front of himself.  “I am honored again, to meet the man that is the brains behind Chameleon Technology.  You are way ahead of your time,” he admired, walking around Yorg, reaching inside his coat pocket and taking out a syringe.  “All we need is that knowledge locked inside your head and we are all set for life.  You’re going to feel a little,” he injected Yorg in the back of the neck.  Yorg instantly fell to the ground.

“Yorg!”  Kathe called out as Giano held his gun to her left temple. 

“Don’t move!”  Giano laughed as he pulled her face towards his.  “How does it feel to be helpless?  Your lover, your son and your husband’s fate are under my control.”

“Kathe, stand down!”  Sydney warned as Kathe embedded those words in her mind, watching Teodoro and two other men carrying Yorg out the sliding glass doors.  

“Well, Ms. Tierney you’re losing one husband,” Philippi laughed, “but, we are leaving you with your son and his real father,” he said as he turned to leave.  “Come on Giano, we’ve got work to do.”

“Giano,” Kathe called out as he turned around.  “I have one word for you; RUN!”

Project Wraith

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