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Project Canaveral

Project Canaveral is the third installment in the fictional series of action, adventure

stories written by Katherine E. Hether. In this installment Kathe Tierney’s team finds

themselves facing individuals whose main focus is world domination. Using the

resources of Alby Airlines, the continuing support of the European Mafia, and

ultimately the United States Government. Kathe and her team must follow the trail to

Cuba, Europe, and the Middle East. Each location comes with its own set of trials that

must be overcome from child trafficking and drug dealers to locating vital information

that resolves the mystery of the long-ago murders and connections ultimately leading

to the downfall of world domination. Can the teams obtain enough physical evidence

using several high-tech drones, each carrying 12, 360-degree cameras with an 8-K

resolution while maintaining their anonymity?



Sample of Project Canaveral:


“Yorg, the code to that door is probably the same as downstairs,” Ramsey assumed. “Try that number.”

“It is,” Yorg said reaching for the doorknob.

“Wait!” Sydney cautioned hovering the mosquito-drone over the doorway. “Carlos sometimes uses

booby-traps in his designs. Open the door enough for me to get the mosquito-drone inside. We need to see

what you’re walking into.”

“Copy that,” Yorg agreed barely cracking the door.

“Kathe!” Ramsey gasped staring at the screen in fear.

“Oh, my God in heaven!” Yorg glared at his phone’s screen.

“I need to contact Rodger!” Sydney exclaimed.

“He’s on his way to Dubai,” Ramsey shared.

“This will take the both of us,” Sydney placed the call. “Rodger, as you can see, Kathe is standing

behind the main computer desk surrounded closely by laser beams. She is holding JAKE directly at the beam pointing at her face.”

“That’s the only thing keeping her alive,” Rodger sighed as his team joined him.

“Yorg, get out of here,” Kathe sighed. “I can’t hold my arm up anymore.”

“You have to, Lady!” Yorg ordered. “And that’s an order!  We’ve got children depending on us!”

“I keep seeing their faces,” Kathe whispered with tears streaming down her cheeks. “Please save

yourself.  At least, they will have one parent.”

“I’m not leaving without you!” Yorg shouted.

“I found the source!” Rodger exclaimed. “I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but it’s close to the door byYorg.”

“I see what it is!” Sydney declared. “Yorg, above the doorway inside is the only round receptacle. The others are in the shape of a hinge or squares. It has to be the source of the laser beam.”

“If I open the door, will it set it off?” Yorg asked watching his screen.

“I’m not sure,” Sydney confessed. “It’s far enough away from the frame that it shouldn’t. We have no

other choice; open it! Once you’re inside, use the block on the desk to smash it. That should destroy both.”

“Kathe, I’m coming in to get you!” Yorg burst the door opened, grabbed the block off the desk, and

smashed the light.

“I heard something snap!” Kathe looked around the room as she put JAKE on her belt and rubbed her arm. “The middle of the floor is sinking!” she screamed as the chairs on both sides slowly began to slide toward the center of the room. “There is a crack starting to open in the center of the floor!”

“Kathe, run to me!” Yorg ordered jumping outside the doorway and reaching for her.

“Kathe, run!” Ramsey ordered watching the crack open wider.



Project Canaveral

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